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Dec, 2019

What Makes La Grange Little League Different?

700 players – all with different personalities, interests and abilities.  We are a vibrant little league with a big tent – a strong baseball program, one of the largest softball programs in the area, and a challenger division that connects those with developmental challenges with America’s favorite pastime.

If you stopped by Sedgwick Park on a weekend in April or May, you’d get a sense of what we’re about.  The day begins with t-ball and coach pitch in our Challenger program, where our little leaguers act as “buddies” to help the players catch, hit and run the bases.  Then, from early afternoon till curfew, we don’t skip a beat, as our two main Sedgwick ball fields are teeming with young baseball and softball players clamoring to take the field. 

Whether it’s the 5 year-old pre-schooler just learning the game of baseball or the junior level softball player in the twilight of her little league career, our goals are the same: we teach and reinforce the fundamentals of playing the game and, through our enthusiasm and sportsmanship, we seek to instill a lifelong love for the game and a foundation for success in life. 

To achieve these goals:

  • We are focused like a laser beam on player development - we start in winter with off season clinics for players and coaches in January and February, followed by regular access to indoor practices at White Sox Academy and Diamond Edge Academy in March and April, and regular practice times through the season. After the season ends, we offer summer all fall clinics to our younger players to further instill the fundamentals.
  • Everyone loves winning, of course, but our job is not done unless we've done everything we can to instill a love of the game that lasts beyond the little league years.  
  • We recognize that our program is a snapshot of what our players will encounter throughout their entire life - working together as a team toward a common goal, supporting another person when they achieve great success and maintaining your humility when you achieve that success yourself, maneuvering through a wide range of personalities and overcoming challenges when things don't go your way.  We want our kids to recognize these moments throughout their little league experience and build off them to achieve great personal and professional success in life.  Knowing that we're lucky if even one of our players makes the major leagues or Olympics, we're far more concerned that our players become pillars of our community and outstanding human beings that ultimately make our world a better place simply because they're a part of it.


See you on the ball field.  We can't wait!

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