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Dec, 2019

Key Changes for LGLL in 2020!

It's been a busy off season for LGLL!

Every year results in some changes, but this off season is particularly notable. Here are some of the more significant changes in store for 2020:

  • We are opening our program to pre-schoolers!  In the past, our program has begun at the kindergarten level.  Beginning in spring 2020, we are opening our program to pre-schoolers!  Spread the word!  
  • We're moving our 2020 season back by one week!  This means that games will start mid- to late-April and playoffs will begin the third weekend in June. As a result, playoffs will run from June 19 to June 27/28. We made this schedule change for two reasons:
    1. For several years, we have been hamstrung by inclement weather in early spring, causing us to cut multiple games for all our divisions. Forecasts call for similar unusually wet conditions during springtime, so we likely will continue to face this issue in the future. 
    2. We want to maximize practice time for our players, since this is the best opportunity to learn the fundamentals of the game and improve their play throughout the season. Pushing the season back even by one week allows us to adjust the game schedule and provide more field space for practice before and during the season
  • We have a new website.  Enough said.  In doing so, however, we believe communications and registration will run far more smoothly.  Notably, our move to a new platform will allow us to utilize Dick's "Team Manager" app for all our team communications. This application, which is used by Lyons Township HS and Celtics soccer programs, is extremely user-friendly and reliable for scheduling and communications. We're excited about the change and hope you are, too!
  • We are introducing machine pitch at our farm league level.  No more 5-hour Farm League games, or something like that!  In an effort to maximize our time to teach the fundamentals to our young Cal Ripkens, we plan to work primarily off pitching machines in our Farm League (2nd graders). This will allow us to focus more individualized attention on hitting and fielding mechanics, give our kids more repetitions at the plate, and ensure we play more innings in a single game. In making this change, we also will ensure that our players start developing their pitching mechanics through in-season clinics and specialized pitching practices.  

And we've only just begun! In this off-season, our little league board is hard at work identifying our priorities for 2020 and beyond.  Our priorities include improving field conditions at Sedgwick and other LG ball fields and taking our player development program to the next level with opportunities to play and develop throughout the entire year.

Stay tuned as we ask for your buy in on these strategic plans for our La Grange Little League!  In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by contacting our league president, Jeff Nowak, at [email protected].  

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