When dealing with inclement weather, safety must be your top priority.  Life is more important than a game.  Participants at LGLL events will look to the Little League WeatherBug application for weather guidance.  Within this application is a “Spark” lightning detector.  If at any time, the lightning detector determines lightning is within a 10 mile radius, the game shall be halted for at least 30 minutes and the field cleared immediately.  There is no discretion as to this point.  [Players, fans and managers should seek shelter in their cars.  Standing under trees, light stands or the concession stand area at Sedgwick are not safe locations!  You are at risk for a ground strike from lightning]. 

Simply because lightning is outside of the 10 mile radius does not automatically mean that play should continue.  When evidence exists that a storm is rapidly approaching so that safety of the players and fans is at risk then the game should be halted to give fans time to reach the safety of their cars.

Once a game is halted due to weather, the managers should work together with the umpire to determine if a game in progress should be called because of the weather or condition of the field.   In the event of a disagreement on whether to call a game, contact the VP of the league.  If the league VP is unavailable then any VP, President or Board member shall be consulted for the final determination.

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