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The La Grange Little League Board has set forth the following guidelines for managers and coaches in regard to Field Maintenance for Sedgwick A and B fields.

RAINOUTS: The LGLL board and the Park District of La Grange reserve the right to close the fields due to poor field conditions.  In the event the LGLL board deems the fields unplayable, we will make an attempt to notify teams prior to 4:00 pm.  Although the fields may be open, managers still have the option to cancel their games if they feel they cannot get the fields playable by game time by raking and hand dragging the fields.  Under no circumstance is any ball mix or clay to be removed from the infields in an attempt to make the fields playable.  Ball mix can be added to the fields.

FIELD PREP/CLOSE: We have changed the responsibilities of the managers and coaches this year in an attempt to reduce the burden on those playing the early game while asking more of those playing the late game. 

Both the HOME and AWAY teams now SHARE these responsibilities.

Early game.

  1. Remove saw horses saying fields are closed and place outside the fence near the dugouts.
  2. Remove the tarps from batter’s box and pitcher’s mound and place outside the fence near the dugouts.
  3. Chalk ONLY the batter’s box.  The foul lines will now be painted. DO NOT chalk them.
  4. Put out the bases.
  5. Field B, be sure the rubber is at correct distance, Field A has a permanent rubber at 46’.

Estimated time for BOTH team’s coaches pre-game prep is 5 minutes.

Last game.

  1. Remove bases and put plugs in base anchors.
  2. Hand drag infield.
  3. Fill in the holes in both the pitcher’s mound and batter’s box, tamper down, and add water with quick coupler and hose.
  4. Cover mound and batter’s box with tarps.
  5. Put out field closed saw horses near 1st and 3rd bases.
  6. Lock the gates.

Estimated time for BOTH team’s coaches post game field prep is 15 minutes.

L-SCREENS: Please LOCK the L-Screens flush against the high-fence in back of the bullpen pitcher’s mound on the 3rd base side of B Field and the 1st base side of A Field.  Wheels should be facing the opposite field.

BATTING CAGES: Please LOCK the cages after you are done using them.  We have made a significant investment in the cages this year with new l-screens and batting mats.

SEDGWICK SHED: Please use the following guidelines now that the shed at Sedgwick has been cleaned up and organized:

  • Bases are to be stored on the first shelf
  • Batting box template should be hung on the left-side of the concession stand door
  • Field drag screens should lean against the wall next to the batter’s box template
  • Tools should be hung on the right-side of the concession stand door
  • Batter's box chalk should be poured into the equipment outside of the shed

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