Juniors Softball

Ground Rules

*Managers to meet with umpire before start of game to discuss ground rules, length of game, how many players in both lineups

*Players late arriving to game must be put at the end of the batting order.

*7 inning game

*1 hr 45 min no new inning (consult umpire and both coaches are to agree on last inning if game is to be shorter than 7 innings before visiting team is up to bat.)

*Drop dead 2 hour limit

*warmups allowed in between innings

*there are no pinch or courtesy runners allowed

*address sliding rule before every game

*infield rule applies

*drop third strike applies

*fielder must have ball in possession before being in baseline to tag runner out, no blocking of bases. If safety base is use instruct runners to use orange part of bag.


In House Rules

*4 innings max pitching per game split anyway (one pitch is an inning)

*5 run rule per inning, except unlimited last inning

*continuous batting order with a minimum of nine. Must take an out in lineup for every batter less than nine. These positions can be spread out in the lineup.

*no mercy rule for in-house games

*stealing allowed when pitcher releases ball and is unlimited

*runners must slide on close plays at bases to avoid contact, umpire’s discretion

*pitcher is allowed 2 hit batters in an inning and can come back later in the game but is not allowed to pitch after hitting a 3rd batter. The batter must make an attempt to move out of the way if able to do so.

*No player is to sit out more than 2 innings per game and no player shall play more than 3 innings at the same position.


Field and Manager’s Responsibilities

*Home team is responsible for field setup and take down, raking of field if last game on schedule

*Home team is to supply 2 game balls

*Visiting team is responsible for score board volunteer

*Pitching distance is 43 feet from front of rubber to back of home plate

*Bases are at a distance of 60 feet

*If safety base is to be used, players must run through the orange base

*If game is to be cancelled, home team is responsible to cancel in system do not delete game….make sure notify team, umpires is selected at the bottom of the screen to cancel.


Managers, Coaches and Player Conduct

*Managers are responsible for players, coaches and parents conduct

*Balls, Strikes, and out calls are not to be argued at any point.

*If an issue arises where a rule needs to be clarified, both managers may calmly meet at home plate to discuss the interpretation of the rule.

*Teams are able to cheer for their own team but not against the opposing team. There are no cheers when the pitcher begins her windup.

*The overall safety of the teams is the manager’s primary responsibility. If lightning or inclement weather are approaching the game must be stopped and players removed from the field immediately.


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