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A, B and C League Baseball

Unless otherwise specified, “Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Playing Rules” regular season rules shall apply.

All rules apply to A, B and C Leagues unless otherwise specified.

I.Respect for the Umpires:

Managers, coaches, players, parents or other fans should never argue with an umpire or make any derogatory comments in regards to the umpire’s performance.  As a manager you must demonstrate respect to the umpires. 

Umpires will get calls incorrect; consider it part of the game.

Let the umpire make the call.  Managers and coaches should not make any motions of safe or out while coaching 1st or 3rd base, or act in any other way to attempt to influence an umpire’s call. 

If a legitimate question exists about the rules then both managers should meet with the umpire to discuss the situation and come to a mutual decision.  If a mutual decision cannot be reached then the original ruling of the umpire prevails. 

However, there should NEVER be a question about the judgment call of an umpire.  If the ball is thrown over a players head and it is called a strike, then it is a strike.   Please remember that the umpires are learning the game as well. 

La Grange Little League encourages batters to hit the ball.  As a consequence, umpires are encouraged to enforce a big strike zone.  We want hitters to attack while at bat.

If you have constructive criticism about an umpires performance then bring it to the attention of the league VP and Head of the Umpires and it will be addressed. 

Managers, coaches and fans that argue with the umpire, act in an offensive or insulting manner, or get in verbal fights will be ejected from Little League events.  No prior warning will be required for ejection.  Managers and coaches who do not conduct themselves properly will be removed immediately and not considered for future positions.   Managers are also responsible for the conduct of their team’s fans and must assist in diffusing abusive conduct by fans.     

II.Field Preparation, Scoreboard and Dugouts:

Home team responsibilities:

1.Prepare the field before the game: put out bases, line field, and dragging/grooming if necessary. 

2.Pick up the bases, dragging, grooming and rebuilding the field after every game. 

3.The home team will be scheduled to take infield first (from 30-15 minutes before game time), and visitors during remaining 15 minutes before game time.   If access to field is delayed for pre-game warm-ups for any reason, teams should split the available time evenly for infield warm-ups.  

Visiting team responsibilities:

1.Supply a parent to operate the scoreboard.

All teams must clean up trash from dugouts after every game.

La Grange Little League allows two coaches in addition to the Manager, one at first and one at third. When a team is in the field, the Managers and coaches from that team must stay in the dugout.

Each team will supply one game ball except in A league where each team will supply two game balls.


Unless otherwise specified, “Little League Baseball Official Regulations and Rules” regular season rules shall apply.

All rules apply to A, B, and C Leagues unless otherwise specified.

IV.Length of games, rain/weather delays and schedule changes:

Length of Game:   LaGrange Little League games are intended to be played until a six inning completion unless the slaughter rule goes into effect.  Common sense and safety must prevail. 

To determine if a game called before 6 innings is completed, constitutes a suspended game or a completed game

See Little League Rule 4.10 (c) for discussion of a completed game although less than 6 innings have been played. 

See Little League Rule 4.10 (d) for a suspended game.

The slaughter rule is 10 runs after 4 innings.


All games are subject to a modified time limit of 2 hours.  No inning can begin after 1 hr. and 45 min. after the start of the game.   (For example, for the 5:30pm game, no new inning can begin after 7:15pm).  The umpire must keep track of this time frame and advise both managers at the 1 ½ hour mark of the game time and this rule going into effect.  An inning started before the 1:45 mark, can finish the inning.

Note: A tied game should not delay the start of a scheduled game to follow.  The scheduled game takes priority.  The tied game should be scheduled for resumption within one week.  However, the tied game may continue to be played if there is no other scheduled game to follow.  (I.e., a 5:30 game tied after two hours may continue if there is no 7:30pm game scheduled). 

For 7:30pm games, the lights will automatically turn off at 10:00pm.

V.5 Run Rule:               

A League:   There is no limit on runs per inning. 
All innings played until three outs.  

B and C League:  
There is a limit of 5 runs per inning in first 4 innings.  
No limit to runs per inning in any subsequent innings. 

VI.Weather Delays: 

When dealing with inclement weather, safety must be your top priority.  Life is more important than a game.  Participants at LGLL events will look to the Little League WeatherBug application for weather guidance.  Within this application is a “Spark” lightning detector.  If at any time, the lightning detector determines lightning is within a 10 mile radius, the game shall be halted for at least 30 minutes and the field cleared immediately.  There is no discretion as to this point.  [Players, fans and managers should seek shelter in their cars.  Standing under trees, light stands or the concession stand area at Sedgwick are not safe locations!  You are at risk for a ground strike from lightning]. 

Simply because lightning is outside of the 10 mile radius does not automatically mean that play should continue.  When evidence exists that a storm is rapidly approaching so that safety of the players and fans is at risk then the game should be halted to give fans time to reach the safety of their cars.

Once a game is halted due to weather, the managers should work together with the umpire to determine if a game in progress should be called because of the weather or condition of the field.   In the event of a disagreement on whether to call a game, contact the VP of the league.  If the league VP is unavailable then any VP, President or Board member shall be consulted for the final determination.

To determine if a game called before 6 innings is completed, constitutes a suspended game or a completed game

See Little League Rule 4.10 (c) for discussion of a completed game although less than 6 innings have been played. 

See Little League Rule 4.10 (d) for a suspended game.

See Little League Rule 4.10(e) for Slaughter Rule.


VII.Rain outs  In the event, a game does not commence because of rain, the managers should seek to make a mutual decision on whether to start the game.  In the event, a mutual decision cannot be reached, the home team manager will make the call although the League VP or President of the League can overrule him.  Use of the fields may also be limited by the La Grange Park District. 

If a game is cancelled for any reason, the Managers must cancel the game on the LGLL Master Calendar on the LGLL website so as to provide notice to all players, parents and umpires of the cancellation.  Rain out games should be re-scheduled within one week of rainout date so as to avoid a large number of make-up games being scheduled at the end of the season. Re-scheduled games must also be placed on the LGLL Master Calendar.

Play games as scheduled.  Utilize the player pool.  Allow your coaches to manage if necessary. 

Unnecessary schedule changes are inconvenient and frustrating for all involved.

VIII.Player Rules:

Batting orders will be presented before the game with players who are in attendance.  Late players will be added to the bottom of the order as they arrive.

You may make unlimited changes on defense each inning.

Batting order is continuous.   All Players remain in batting order for entire game regardless of playing time in the field.

No Player should sit the bench more than two consecutive innings.  Each player must participate in each game for a minimum of six defensive outs and must bat at least one time.    Remember, this is the minimum for playing time, not the recommended playing time.  Please use discretion in placement of players in the field for safety reasons.

Players must not wear jewelry See Little League Rule 1.11(j).

Bats must comply with Little League Rules.


A League:       Base stealing is allowed only after the ball has crossed the plate. No leadoffs.

B League:       Base stealing is allowed only after the ball has crossed the plate.  No leadoffs. 

On the Sedgwick Park A and B field, stealing home on a passed ball is limited to once (successfully- - one run) per inning for the first part of the season.  This rule is suspended on May 1st. 

C League:       No stealing.   No lead offs.    

X.Slide Rules:  There is no mandatory slide rule.

In reference to Rule 7.08(a)(3) in the Little League Baseball and Softball Rulebooks:

A runner is out when the runner does not slide, or attempt to get around a fielder who has the ball and is waiting to make a tag.  There is no “Must Slide” rule.  The rule is slide or attempt to get around.  The key in this situation is “the fielder has the ball and is waiting to make a tag.”  If the fielder (any fielder, not just the catcher) does not have the ball and there is a collision, you CANNOT call the runner out.  However, if the umpire determines that the runner deliberately attempted to injure the fielder, the umpire could eject the runner for unsportsmanlike contact.

Other notes:

- Options for the runner to avoid contact include slide, give up, go around or go back to previous base

- No fielder shall ever stand on a base or in the baseline without the ball, even if the throw is in the air

A runner who slides head first while advancing to the next base shall be called out.   A runner retreating to a previously gained base may slide head first when retreating to the previously gained base.

XI.Bunting:  Batters who show bunt must either bunt or take the pitch. The batter may not swing the bat after showing bunt on that pitch.  If so, the batter will be called out.

XII.Dropped Third Strike

1.In effect for A league.

2.Not in effect for B or C league.   

No Intentional Walks:   A pitcher may “pitch around” a hitter, but intentional walks are not allowed.  Walks may not be executed by “waiving” the batter to first base or by the catcher standing and/or signaling for a pitch outside the zone.

On all pitches, including attempts to “pitch around” a hitter, the catcher must be in the crouched/set position within the catcher’s box at the time of pitcher’s release of the ball to home plate.   

Every attempt should be made to allow the pitchers to pitch and the hitters to hit.  Umpires will be trained to call a large strike zone.  This way, pitchers will not be squeezed and batters will be encouraged to swing.

XIII.Pitching and pitch counts:

LGLL follows little league regulations in regards to pitch counts. See Little League Rule VI for pitching issues including pitch counts and rest days. Also, see Note 3 for discussion of suspended games and pitchers. All managers are responsible for entering pitch counts in website within 24 hours of game.


XIV.Updating Web Site:

All scores must be inputted on the League website within 24 hours by the winning manager.

XV.Playing With Less Than 9 Players & Player Pool

A team may play a game with only 8 rostered players, or  

A team may play a game with 8 rostered players plus 1 Player Pool Player, or

A team may play a game with 7 rostered players plus 1 or 2 Player Pool Players.

If a team has 7 or less players at the beginning of the game, then the Player Pool shall be implemented or a forfeit taken.  You may not play a game with 7 or less players

If a team has 7 or less players 15 minutes after the scheduled start of that game, the team will forfeit. 

If a team has 7 or 8 players for a game, the manager may contact the League VP to receive player(s) from the player pool and play with that player(s) without forfeiting. 

A short-handed team may not randomly select players of its choice to play on the team.   Contact League VP to receive player(s).

In the event that a team has only 8 players, then it is at the discretion of the opposing manager whether to provide an outfielder for the other team. The “borrowed player” shall be the last man in the lending team’s order during the first inning and the last out of the previous inning for innings 2 and beyond.

Player pool players must play right field or left field for entire game.    Player pool players must bat at end of lineup.  

Player pool players may not play, or continue to play, in any game in which a team has 9 rostered players.   If a 9th rostered player shows up while game is in progress, then player pool player in the game shall be immediately removed from game.  Late arriving player shall be inserted in end of lineup.

Come playoffs, District All-Star players are excluded from the player pool.


League Championship is determined by the end of the year tournament.

Seedings for the tournament will be determined by regular season standings. These games will be played in the week immediately following the regular season.

Pitching rules:  Pitch counts from last week of regular season DO NOT carry over to Playoffs.  Playoffs begin a new week with first game.

B and C playoffs will continue to abide by the no new inning after 1:45 rule.  However, rather than the game being terminated at the 2 hour mark, any new inning started before 1:45 will be allowed to finish the inning.  Thus, a completed playoff game might be less than 6 innings.

In A league playoffs, the game will be played to 6 innings unless a slaughter exists.  Both games will face some limitations because the 5:30 game has to be respectful of the 7:30 game and the 7:30 game has the 10pm light limitation.  Should the games run long they will likely be suspended until the next day when the game can be completed.  


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