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Feb, 2020

In the market for a new bat?

Hitting a baseball and softball isn't easy, but it can be next to impossible if you have the wrong equipment.  A bat that is even just a little too heavy, too long, too light, or too short can make a big difference.  Unfortunately, there is all sorts of conflicting information online about how to determine the best size bat for your child.  Here's a chart that we've found helpful.  It's based on a survey of thousands of players and lists the most common bat size by age, in both inches and ounces.  Baseball is on the top of the chart, and softball (fastpitch) is on the bottom.  (Generally, the bigger and more skilled the player, the longer and heavier the bat should be relative to other players of the same age.)

Bats can be expensive, but there's no need to break the bank every year or every other year.  Older models and used bats can be found for a small fraction of what the newest bats cost.  Below are some sites that are worth checking out if you're in the market for a new bat for 2020.  Just make sure it's a USA Standard bat and not a USSSA bat, as USA bats are required for Little League.
Dick's Sporting Goods often has sales, including one for LGLL in early March. Dick's also has a useful guide on how to buy a bat here.

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